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Planetarium Information

See an Actual Moon Rock!

On Thursday, November 5, the Deer Valley High School ACE Academy will sponsor a special planetarium show called "Back to the Moon for Good," about a contest to send a space probe to the moon.  After the show, we will show an actual moon rock on loan from NASA.  If you've never seen a moon rock in person, now's your chance.  Come to the planetarium in room 511 on Thursday at 7 PM to see.


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Show Descriptions

Learn about the universe


Join us for one of the planetarium shows listed below and learn about the universe!  For more information about the shows visit our website at

  • Hubble Vision- NASA program about the space telescope 
  • Earth’s Wild Ride- Animated program about the history of the earth 
  • Larry Cat in Space - Children’s show about a cat lost in space
  • Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity- Learn about nature’s ultimate gravity well
  • Losing the Dark  - Learn about light pollution in our night skies
  • NEW! Back to the Moon for Good - X-Prize sponsored show about new lunar exploration
  • New! From the Earth to the Universe - ESO + Scale the Universe slides
  • New! Journey to the Centre of the Milky Way - ESO 

More details below...


Earth's Wild Ride  



text from

Imagine Earth were a distant place you once called home but could never visit again. What would you remember most about the planet, and how would you describe it to your grandchildren?
It is this scenario that sets the stage for "Earth's Wild Ride," a new movie that immerses audiences in a 3-D tour of Earth's history and natural wonders, now showing in planetariums and dome-shaped theatres around the country.
Set on the surface of the Moon in the year 2081, the movie opens with a grandfather and his grandchildren gazing out into space. As they watch the Moon's shadow move across Earth, the grandfather tells stories of crashing asteroids, erupting volcanoes, roaring dinosaurs, electrifying lightning and booming thunder.
While learning about eclipses, the ice age, Earth's water cycle and differences between the Earth and Moon, the audience is taken on a roller-coaster-like ride through canyons of raging rivers and hot flowing lava. Multiple projectors display the computer-generated images around all 360 degrees of a planetarium or large dome-shaped theatre. A single-projector system allows for showings in portable inflatable domes, small enough to be brought out to schools and other venues.

Surrounding viewers, especially students, with video -- an approach known as "immersion" -- is an effective way to engage them in Earth science, according to Patricia Reiff, executive producer of the movie and a professor of physics and astronomy at Rice University.

"Museums today have to compete with the Internet, cable TV and video games for student interest. More and more students even have high-definition TVs at home, so even the prospect of a very large screen has less attraction than before," Reiff said. "Using immersion, we provide an experience that the visitors can't get at home with images that surround them."
"Earth's Wild Ride" is the first of three movies planned for production as part of Immersive Earth, a NASA-funded project to teach Earth science concepts using dome-shaped theaters. Rice University and the Houston Museum of Natural Science are partners in the five-year, $3.1 million project that involves a total of six museums, two universities and three private companies.


Planetarium flyer

Schedule for 2015-2016





August 20 (Thurs)

8 PM

Planetarium at DVHS- Losing the Dark

September 15 (Tues)

8 PM 

Planetarium at DVHS- 

Earth’s Wild Ride

October 15 (Thurs)

8 PM

Planetarium at DVHS- Journey to the Center of the Milky Way

November 5 (Thurs)

7 PM


Back to the Moon for Good

November 17 (Tues)

7 PM

Planetarium at DVHS - 

Larry Cat in Space

December 10 (*Thurs)

7 PM

Planetarium at DVHS - From the Earth to the Universe

January 14 (Thurs)

7 PM

Planetarium at DVHS --Hubble Vision

February 18 (Thurs)

7 PM

Planetarium at DVHS- Black Holes

March 17 (Thurs)

7 PM


From the Earth to the Universe

April 28 (Thurs)

8 PM

Planetarium at DVHS - Hubble Vision

May 10 (Tues)

8 PM

Planetarium at DVHS - Black Holes